Welcome to Calvary Christian Academy

We are an accredited pre-K through 12th grade school. Our faculty is dedicated to helping students succeed in today's world. We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student body, taking into account the many ways in which students learn.

(Open Enrollment starts February 5th for all grades

for the 2024-2025 School Year)



We believe a love for learning and a devotion to faith begins at young age. Our preschool and kindergarten students are given individual time and attention to develop the important knowledge, skills, and unique gifts that will be applied to and expanded on throughout their academic careers and beyond.

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Being at a young and impressionable age, we aim to help our elementary students develop a well-rounded understanding of all subjects. Grades kindergarten through 5th learn the valuable fundamentals of faith and academics that will help them stay on track and prepare for upper-grade levels.

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6th - 12th Grade

Preparing for higher education and next life steps, each student should be confident in their academic abilities, faith, and most importantly, themselves. We help our middle through high school students develop the necessary skills and knowledge aimed towards their desired school and specific goals.

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Our Vision

To be a Christ-centered school that emphasizes strong academics and fine arts in order to help students discover and strengthen their God-given gifts and talents to glorify God.



We employ a wide repertoire of teaching and learning strategies into our classes that draw upon students' strengths and encourage them to be life-long learners and achieve excellence.


Taking an interest in the arts allows students to express themselves while further expanding on the material they’ve learned. By discovering their gifts, they exercise creativity and learn to set new goals.

Spiritual Life

Maturing in faith helps a student succeed in all areas of life. We encourage worship through music, fellowship among each other, and integrate verses within academics to immerse and inspire students.


Students establish the necessary skills and training to be successful in a sport while learning the camaraderie and sportsmanship that can be applied off the field or court.