Parent Responsibility

Calvary Christian Academy's educational mission involves working with the home in the overall Christian education of students. On occasion this school/parent relationship may become challenging. To enroll or stay enrolled in CCA the school requires the parents to affirmatively and cooperatively support the school staff and policies. With this cooperation we can overcome obstacles that interfere with this mission.

As a Parent: By enrolling my child(ren) I agree to support the school with my prayers and with a positive attitude. Complaints or negative comments will be shared only with the teacher, administrator, or person involved and not with my child or other people, following the Matthew 18 principle.

I understand that if at any time the school determines, in its sole discretion, that my actions do not support the ministry, or reflect a lack of cooperation and commitment to the home and school working together, the school reserves the right to require withdrawal of my child(ren).

Expulsion & Suspensions: A student will be automatically expelled for possession of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or weapons. A student will automatically be suspended for two full school days for cheating, fighting, stealing, vandalizing, or defacing school/church property. Two suspensions in a semester may result in expulsion.

Students at Calvary Christian Academy should start fresh everyday!

Parent Volunteers

  • Parent Volunteer requirements are as follows:
  • Each family is required to have a parent volunteer 2 days a year for a total of 16 hours of service.
  • All parents who come on campus, especially those who volunteer for us, must check- in at the office at each visit and be in modest apparel.
  • Parent volunteers will agree not to discuss anything with other parents regarding teachers, students, or classroom procedures.
  • Volunteers agree to follow the Matthew 18 Principle.
  • Parents must have a pre-arranged schedule set up through the teacher of the classroom for which they are volunteering.