Calvary Christian Academy offers these Fine Arts classes:

  • Piano
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Art
CCA is passionate about fostering literacy in all areas and music is no exception. CCA students participate in choir, piano or the student-led worship band. Music classes emphasize the ability to read sheet music, use musical terms correctly in conversation, and most importantly recognize the incredible privilege we have as human beings to serve God through music and share with others the gifts that He has given us. Music is a form of ministry because we can share God’s finite and unfailing love for all of us through praise and worship together whether in choir, piano or the worship band. Students strive to do their best in music classes and aim to glorify God through songs and worship! (Psalm 149:1)

The piano class provides students with the opportunity to learn a new instrument and offers an encompassing curriculum for all students. Piano class focuses on everything from correct piano posture, to note reading, rhythmic identification, aural theory skills and knowledgeable piano performance.

The choir classes emphasize singing sacred, classical works and contemporary, Christian choral pieces with a balanced sound and the intention to share God’s love through song. Choir involves sight reading music, learning music compositional techniques, and growing together in our knowledge of the heart of worship. CCA’s choir offers students the opportunity to praise God and rejoice together as a group of people who love the Lord! (Psalm 28:7)