Calvary Christian Academy offers these Fine Arts classes:

  • Modern Dance
  • Ballet
  • Piano
  • Choir
  • Drama

CCA is passionate about fostering literacy in all areas, and music is no exception. CCA students participate in choir, piano, or the student-led worship band. Classes emphasize the ability to read sheet music, use musical terms correctly in conversation, sing or play in parts, and most importantly, to use one’s musical gifts to serve God. Each class meets two times per week for ninety minutes. The worship band students meet after school and lead music during upper-level chapel.

The CCA choir emphasizes singing two and three part harmonic music with a balanced sound, creating our own arrangements of popular works, sight reading, and growing in our knowledge of the heart of worship.

The dance program offers an encompassing curriculum for all students. Classes are designed to improve technical and artistic proficiency of each student while providing a positive environment for the exploration of movement and personal growth. Dance is a fun way to bring out discipline, strength, grace, and creativity in each student. As a class we will not only work on technique, we will learn choreography to perform for our fellow classmates and parents in our recitals.